RSL Electronics specializes in advanced integrated smart solutions for Control & Utilities, Health Monitoring, Diagnostic & Prognostic for defense, transportation and industrial sectors.

RSL Electronics has pioneered the concept Health Monitoring of rotating systems  which has now gained worldwide recognition and has successfully applied its technology for energy, defense and aerospace sectors.

RSL Electronics continues to engage in IR&D research in order to incorporate new technologies to its systems and enhance the spectrum of the solutions it offers to its customers.

RSL core technologies are:

  • Real-time diagnostics & prognostics
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Track & Balance of Rotor Blades
  • Aerospace Control & Utility Solutions
  • Airborne HUMS - Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
  • Aircraft Integration
  • Doppler radar applications

Smart Sensor Brochure

ABC F-16


MVR- Muzzle Velocity Radar

Aerospace Control Solutions

RSL dominates control methods of various applications starting with controller of turbofan/shaft/jet engine controls, including Full Authority Digital Engine Controller (FADEC) through generators control, braking system control, fuel system control, electrical power system control, environmental system control and more. All RSL controllers are implemented in highly reliable digital circuity, featured with embedded redundancy coupled with self selection of the healthy lane of control.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is implemented using Knowledge Based and Self-Learning technologies. The results of these technologies are used together in RSL's advanced diagnostics and prognostics workstation. The AI algorithms are used to analyze trends, exceedence, anomalies or other events, which includes steady-state and transitional operating modes. These algorithms can be implemented in the airborne as well as the ground systems.


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