Airborne HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

T-HUMS: On-board elements

Processing unit

The core of the on-board elements of the T-HUMS is the MPU (Main Processing Unit). This unit performs the in-flight data acquisition/validation and the monitoring and diagnostics of the platforms' drive-train components.

The T-HUMS have three alternate MPUs designed for different platform types:

The MPU:

The MPU is currently installed on-board medium/heavy and combat helicopter platforms and has been field and battle proven for more than 10 years. 

The Mini-MPU:

The Mini-MPU has the same functionality and computation power of the MPU but in smaller size, reduced weight and power consumption. It is suitable for use on-board light helicopters and UAV's

The Micro-MPU:

The Micro-MPU is the next generation T-HUMS processing unit, weighing no more than 0.6 kg, and suitable for tactical UAV's as well as a wide variety of other platforms.   

Aircrew Interface

Helicopter installations the T-HUMS incorporates an interface for the air-crew. There are currently three alternatives interface solutions:  

Multi-Function Display (MFD):

RSL's MFD is specifically tailored for the T-HUMS and can provide a stand-alone interface and display unit for the helicopters that do not have a glass cockpit or other  Multi Function Displays installed onboard.

Pilot Control Panel (PCP):

RSL's PCP is specifically tailored for the T-HUMS and provides a simple and lightweight interface as an alternative to the MFD, by using LED indicators and simple push-buttons. 

Display on board existing glass cockpit:

T-HUMS indicators can also be relayed and displayed onboard an existing glass cockpit displays.


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