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Advanced Brake Controller (ABC)

The Advanced Brake Control system is a sophisticated dual-channel differential braking controller, incorporating anti-skid functionality and replacing the older legacy controllers of the F-16 aircraft.
The system is in operational service on-board more than 700 Lockheed Martin’s F-16 aircraft of different blocks, serving in more than 10 different Air Forces around the world. Its superiorbraking performance, coupled with fully redundant features, provides unique
“fail-safe” capabilities.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: (HxWxL) 4.0”x5.1”x6.4” (102x130x163)mm
  • Weight: 4 lb (1.8 Kg)
  • Qualifications: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-704
  • Power Consumption: 17 W
  • MTBF exceeds 15,000 flight hours



  • Improved landing and taxiing safety by:
    • Superior braking performance on slippery runway
      conditions - icy, snowy, flooded, transitional
    • Nominal braking performance even in case of a failure
      of a control channel.
    • Nominal braking performance even in case of
      a severely degraded wheel speed sensor.
    • Auto-recording of the last 9 landings for in-depth
  • Improves fleet availability and reduces fleet operation
    costs by:
    •  Reducing maintenance effort
    •  Reducing brake and tire wear, provides Life-Cycle-Cost
    • Increasing the entire braking system’s MTBF
    •  Reducing the entire braking system’s MTTR

 Main Features

  • Improved braking algorithms - Normal and Backup for effective braking on all runway conditions
  • Qualified for F-16 block 15 through 60
  • No aircraft modifications required - Retrofit is flight-line executable
  • Full dual redundancy - two independent controllers in one LRU
  • Fault detection automatically triggers the 2nd redundant braking control channel
  • Advanced BIT (Built-In-Test) and diagnostics:
    • Covers the entire braking system (cockpit and wheels sensors, wiring and braking pads)
    • Diagnostics provides automatic fault isolation
  • Auto recording of landings for in-depth diagnostics & debrief
  • First failure will be isolated prior to affecting the braking performance
  • Full braking performance even with a defective wheel sensor
  • Special failure indicator for quick reference for flight-line technician
  • Re-programmable via communication channel
  • Flight-Line Test Equipment – Utilizing a laptop or a PDA unit
  • NSN 1630-17-112-8746
  • RSL P/N AY96011129
  • LM P/N 16VL014005-1


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