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Digital Temperature Controller Amplifier - J85

The RSL DTCA (Digital Temperature Control Amplifier) is a digital fit, form and function replacement for the original analogue exhaust temperature (T5) controller coupled with the engine Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) of the GE J85 turbo-jet engine of the T-38 and F-5 aircraft.

The DTCA significantly improves the J85 engine performance and reliability enhances flight safety, fleet availability and reducing its maintenance cost.

The DTCA is a mature and field proven system


  • Improved engine performance
  • Reduced maintenance effort and cost
  • Improved fleet availability
  • Debriefing capability
    • Increased engine MTBF
    • Decreased engine MTTR
    • Reduced engine stress 


Technical Data

  • Dimensions: (HxWxL) 2.5"x4.5"x11.5"  (64 x 115 x 292)mm
  • Weight:3.52 lb (1.6Kg)
  • Actual MTBF over 17,000 hours
  • Qualifications: MIL-STD-810E, MIL-STD-461B and MIL-STD-704A
  • Power Consumption: 7 W  

Main Features

  • Compatible withJ85-5/13/21 engines
  • Full digital system
  • Full dual redundancy - two independent controllers in one LRU.
  • Failure triggered channel switching 
  • Monitors engine parameters (RPM, EGT, CIT, altitude and temperature) engine and afterburner operating time, ignitions counting, flight time, flame-out, exceedance, trends and low cycle fatigue counting. 
  • Optional simple and precise T5 calibration procedure ( one technician required )
  • Simple flight-line aircraft retrofit - No Aircraft modifications required.
  • Advanced self BIT (Built-In-Test): 
    • Tests allDTCA functions, modules and engine sensors
    • Auto recording of all engine starts for in-depth diagnostics and trending
    • Optional pilot initiated recording
  • Optional monitoring capabilities of more engine parameters (up to 6 new inputs)
  • Flight-line re-programmable
  • Flight-line test equipment- a hand-held Test and Data Extractor Unit (TDEU) - standard USAF GSE. This unit has the following features:
    • Special Expert System software for prompt, effortless automatic troubleshooting
    • Enables individual testing of engine components (alternator, thermocouples, etc.)
    • Flight-line testing of theDTCA does not require aircraft power application
  • NSN 4920-01-424-8886DQ
  • Optional laptop configuration of the same TDEU
  • PC based workstation for ground in-depth engine evaluation and diagnostics. 


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