Aerospace Control & Utilities

Primary Power Distribution Control Systems

RSL has extensive experience in the design and development of complex  Primary Power Distribution Control Systems  intended ,among other uses, for MALE UAV's

The specifications of the system differs according to the specific platform it is designed for.

the following is  representative characteristics of one of our current in-service systems:

Input power includes:

  • One or two generators of 28 Vdc,
  • External Power including Power Quality Monitoring
  • High capacity backup batteries
  • High current battery for Start operation


Microprocessor control and management of electrical energy:

  • Engine Start sequence control
  • Voltage monitoring for Contactor and power fuses
  • Current monitoring for main power busses
  • Contactors and Relays control by local microprocessor
  • Communication channels to platform's on-board computer for command, control, monitoring and BIT



  • Integrated designs for significant weight and volume savings
  • Aluminum Busbars for weight reduction
  • Housing made of sheet metal for weight reduction



  • “Design-to-safety” electronics and Contactors activation
  • Fully reprogrammable control logic
  • BITE features such as Fully Automatic Power On Built-in-Test (PBIT) and Continuous Built-in-Test (CBIT)
  • Over-current, short circuit, reverse current protection
  • Under- and over-voltage protection by Microprocessor control
  • Mil-Std-704 over voltage protection


Various communication buses (RS422/485, Ethernet buses, etc.) for communication with platform's on-board computer, and other aircraft equipment, as well as for Ground Support Equipment

Distributed or integrated architecture to optimize electrical power system performance, installation, heat dissipation, safety and reliability


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