CMS for Hydro Turbines

RSL has successfully developed and installed a CMS system, the HT-HUMS, for Hydro-electric Power Plants (HPP). The HT-HUMS is a distributed hierarchal system which implements its machine learning and diagnostic and prognostic technologies for hydro-electric turbines power plants.

HT-HUMS Main Features

  • The system's diagnostics, based on Learning Machine algorithms, accurately determines within the first few hours of operation the vibration alarm thresholds for each of the hydro-turbine components in addition to the OEM's set thresholds.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring and diagnostics of the major hydro-electric turbine elements:
  • Real-time alerts generation for operational anomalies, functional deterioration and failures.
  • Storage of the raw and processed data as well as alerts history for referencing and in-depth analysis.
  • Control room Graphical User Interface at the power station, allowing optional web based remote-access, which enables full visibility of the  hydro turbine and electric generator health condition.
    • Blade wheel – unbalance, wear, cracks.
    • Main Shaft - imbalance, misalignment.
    • Turbine Bearings – weakening, gap clearance, cooling.
    • Generator rotor and stator – mechanical/electrical unbalance, air gap, stator core vibrations.
    • Generator Bearings - weakening, gap clearance, cooling.
    • Thrust bearing - irregularly distributed load, lubrication, surface damage.


HT-HUMS Benefits

  • Increased availability by shifting from scheduled-based to condition based maintenance. Early fault detection enables maintenance planning prior to breakage and helps optimize maintenance outages.
  • Reduction of Maintenance cost  enabled by early fault detection which enables maintenance to be performed prior to breakage thereby eliminating secondary damages, unscheduled maintenance and optimizes spare parts management.
  • Improved safe operation of hydro-aggregates by comprehensive real-time monitoring and diagnostics of turbine and generator vibrations.  


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