Muzzle Velocity Radar System

RSL's Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR) system measures a wide variety of ammunition for Field Artillery and Mortars, Naval guns, as well as Anti-Aircraft guns.
The system provides accurate muzzle velocity measurement which significantly increases the first round hit probability, and also provides the following operational flexibility.

Fewer guns are required to achieve an effect on target. Therefore remaining guns/artillery formations are available for other missions.

RSL’s MVR is the most used and battle-proven tactical Muzzle Velocity Radar in the world, with over 5000 systems currently in use by many armed forces.

  • In service with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the US Army and Marine Corps, the Indian Army & Navy, the Turkish Army & Navy, the Canadian Army and many more
  • Qualified according to STANAG 4114, AEP-34.
  • Extensively battle proven


Accurate muzzle velocity measurement provides:

Operational advantages

  • Improved first round hit-probability.
  • Faster response time for battery Fire-For-Effect.
  • Better use of available artillery platforms

Logistical advantages

  • Less ammunition per required effect.
  • Less gun barrel wear and deterioration.
  • Less strain on the logistic structure.


Main Features

  • Muzzle Velocity measurement capability for any existing type of guns, projectiles and propellants
  • Displays the average number of rounds fired and normalized average velocity in accordance with the projectile weight and propellant temperature
  • Up to 1000 combinations of the Muzzle Velocity Variation (MVV) can be stored in the system’s memory
  • Automatic activation upon gun firing with no need for man-in-the-loop
  • X-band transmission only during the actual measurement.
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance at field and depot levels
  • BIT
    • Sophisticated Built-In Test identifies faults down to the module level
    • Integrated Doppler simulator fully tests all RF circuits


Technical Data
Accuracy: Better than 0.05%
Precision: Better than 0.1%
Caliber Range: 20mm and higher
Muzzle Velocity Range: 50 to 2000 m/sec
Firing Rate:Up to 20 rounds per minute in single mode or 3000 rounds
per minute in salvo mode
Trigger Mode: Automatic detection of firing
RF Transmission: Short duration only during measurement
18-33 VDC IAW MIL-STD-1275A(AT)
Input Power (Max/Stby):15/15 Watts CPDU
15/3 Watts ITRAN
Dimensions: CPDU: (HxWxL) 212 x 269 x 125 mm
ITRAN: (HxWxL) 304 x 214 x 95 mm
Weight: CPDU: 5.5 Kg
ITRAN: 6.5 Kg
Qualifications: MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461



  • Integrated Transceiver (ITRAN)

The ITRAN contains the RF unit and the Muzzle Velocity Processor (MVP).

  • The RF unit is a compact X-band transceiver that generates a Doppler signal, measuring the velocity of the round fired from the gun.
  • The MVP is a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based processor that performs all the Muzzle Velocity (MV) measurement calculations.

The ITRAN is controlled through RS232/RS422 communication channel
and is controlled either directly from a Fire Control System (FCS) or by
a CPDU, in case no Fire Control System exists on the gun.

  • CPDU

The Control Processing and Display Unit (CPDU) contains a keyboard, display and processing board.

It is used as the man-machine interface to each MVR system in those platforms which do not have a Fire Control System (FCS).

• Controls the ITRAN operation.
• Performs all the data base management functions.


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