HUMS - Health and Usage Management

RSL's unique real-time decision process is an integral part of our health and usage monitoring solutions for rotating machinery and equipment be it an engine, a turbine, a helicopter, or other machinery. This decision process is based on sophisticated and reliable analysis process of vibration signature supported by other available monitored parameters of the machinery.  

RSL's HUMS technology is based upon the following elements:

  • Reliable and effective data acquisition, used to obtain reliable and accurate raw data, and is accomplished by a careful selection of sensors, sampling rate and data recording procedures.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms which create a powerful state-of-the-art decision-making protocol for on-going diagnostic process, enabling accurate and speedy analysis of the health of the monitored machine by detecting trends, exceedances, and performing early anomaly detection, in both steady state or transitional modes of operation.
  • A user friendly data-management interface which provides intuitive and easy access to the accumulated Health and Usage data at various levels of the maintenance and engineering organizations of the user.

This technology has been implemented by RSL in both the aerospace sector and the energy sector and has proven itself extensively throughout the last ten years.


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