About Us

About Us

For 30 years RSL Electronics has been a leading developer and manufacturer of Control, Utilities and Diagnostics & Prognostics Systems for Aerospace, Energy & Defense sectors. Throughout these years RSL has provided its customers with superior performance, enhanced safety and significant savings in fleet ownership costs.

Our airborne systems are currently on board both fixed and rotary wing aircraft in use with some of the leading air forces across the globe such as the USAF, the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, Denmark, Portugal as well as the Israeli Air Force.

These systems are installed on various platforms which include the F-16 Blocks 15 to 50, F-4 Phantom II, F-5 Freedom Fighter, T-38 Talon, A-4 Skyhawk CH-53, AH-64 Apache, and several types of UAVs.

Our extensively field proven Muzzle Velocity Radar is currently in use by the US Army and more than 15 others armies including the Israeli artillery corps, with over 2000 systems sold to date.

RSL is an established supplier of major platform and equipment OEMs such as  Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Elbit Systems Ltd, Bharat Electronic Ltd, Russian Helicopters and more.

RSL has a strong and innovative engineering record in developing state-of-the-art  systems for both civilian and military markets. Our focus is on advanced automatic in-flight Diagnostics and Prognostics, using innovative vibration monitoring analysis and Machine Learning artificial intelligence technologies.

RSL's latest family of T-HUMS (Total Health & Usage Management System) currently installed on board  helicopters and UAVs, as well as our energy sector CMS systems for wind turbines and hydro-electric turbines are based on such advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

RSL is ISO 9001 compliant and our products fully to all relevant international standards.

RSL is looking forward to meet your requirements and provide you with a turn-key solution for your needs.


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