Systems & Solutions

Systems & Solutions

RSL Electronics specializes in advanced integrated smart solutions for Control & Utilities, Health Monitoring and Diagnostic & Prognostic for the defense, railroad and energy sectors.

Originally intended for the aerospace & defense sector, RSL Electronics has pioneered the concept of Health and Condition Monitoring for rotating systems, which has now gained worldwide recognition, and has been successfully applied in  the energy, defense and aerospace sectors.

RSL Electronics continues to engage in R&D research in order to incorporate new technologies as part of its systems and enhance the spectrum of solutions it offers to its customers.

RSL Electronics' systems:

  • Aerospace & Defense Sector
    • Aerospace Control & Utility Solutions
    • Airborne HUMS - Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
    • Rotor Tracking & Balancing
    • Muzzle Velocity Radar (MVR)
  • Energy Sector
    • CMS for wind turbines
    • CMS for hydro turbines
    • CMS for steam turbines
  • Railroad Sector
    • CMS for Railways


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