Track & Balance of Rotor Blades

RSL's Rotor Tracking & Balancing (RT&B) algorithm applies a dynamic model of the helicopter, which calculates the required adjustments of the rotor blades (weights, pitch-link, tabs, yaw dampers etc) in order to achieve, with the minimum number of adjustment and dedicated sorties, the required levels of rotor induced lateral and vertical vibrations and individual blades track.

The algorithm enables the calculation of the expected  track and balance data which will be obtained for each set of adjustments for the different flight regimes specified by the OEM without the helicopter actually flying through all of these various flight regimes, thereby simplifying and streamlining the RT&B process.

This provided RT&B algorithm performs the necessary optimization in order to cope with the different helicopter rotors' characteristics and health conditions as well as in order to achieve the best RT&B results within the OEM specified limits.

The RT&B algorithm can be easily adapted to be used on different helicopters with different type of rotors and different set of adjustment means.


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