Airborne HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

Airborne HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)

T-HUMS: System Description

RSL's T-HUMS family of Vibration Monitoring and Health & Usage management solution for helicopters and UAV's. The system which accumulated thousands of flying hours has been standardized by the Israeli Air Force and Certified by Russian Helicopters, significantly improves flight safety, mission effectiveness and fleet availability.

T-HUMS: On-board elements

The core of the on-board elements of the T-HUMS is the MPU (Main Processing Unit) and the aircrew interface unit. There are three type of MPU each one suited to a different type of platform, and two possible types of crew interface unit.

T-HUMS: Ground elements

The T-HUMS ground station provides the basis for the fleet management functionality. The ground station provides a detailed health & usage status for each and every platform on the fleet and allows access to the raw data in order to perform cross-referencing on trends, alerts, anomalies and the recorded flight data across the whole fleet, while the IFLS provides speedy flight-line overview of the platform health in order to allow quick sortie turn-around.


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