Aerospace Control & Utilities

Aerospace Control & Utilities

Diagnostic Engine Starting System Controller (DESSCׁׂׂׂ)

The DESSC (Diagnostic Engine Starting System Controller) is an all digital replacement for the original Engine Starting System (ESS) controller of the F-16 aircraft providing an improved Jet Fuel Starter (JFS) control logic and powerful diagnostic capabilities.

Digital Temperature Controller Amplifier - J79

The RSL DTCA (Temperature Control Amplifier) is a digital replacement for the analogue exhaust temperature (T5) controller. This is coupled with the engine Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) of the GE J-79 turbo-jet engine of the F-4, and IAI Kfir aircraft.

Digital Temperature Controller Amplifier - J85

The RSL DTCA (Temperature Control Amplifier) is a digital fit, form and function replacement for the analogue exhaust temperature (T5) controller coupled with the engine Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) of the GE J85 turbo-jet engine of the T-38 and F-5 aircraft.

Advanced Brake Controller (ABC)

The system is in operational service on-board more than 700 Lockheed Martin’s F-16 aircraft of different blocks, serving in more than 10 different Air Forces around the world. Its superior braking performance, coupled with fully redundant features, provides unique “fail-safe” capabilities.

Digital Generator Control Unit

The RSL DGCU (The Digital Generator Control Unit) is a digital replacement for the Phantom F-4 voltage, frequency regulation and load sharing system. The new Digital Generator Control System is comprised of two identical Digital Generator Control Units which together control the aircraft electrical power, perform continuous system protection and automatically record in-flight failures. The DGCU enhances flight safety, fleet availability and reduces the maintenance effort for the complex aircraft

Diagnostic Fuel Management Controller ׂ(DFMC)

The Diagnostic Fuel Management Controller is an advanced fuel quantity measurement & management controller with enhanced monitoring capabilities, specifically designed to provide real-time indication to the pilot of trapped fuel or fuel-related imbalance, as well as providing the maintenance personnel with full diagnostic and analysis capabilities regarding such occurrences.

Advanced Fuel system Controller

The Advanced Fuel System Controller provides the pilot with important fuel data and fuel management functions. The controller is based on a color multi-function display that provides both analogue and digital display, as well as commands interface. The AFSC embedded Built-In-Test (BIT) and recording provide simplified fuel system maintenance.

Primary Power Distribution Control Systems

RSL's Power control systems enable the control of AC power (115VAC/400Hz) and DC power (28VDC), and provide multi power buses management as well as coordination, synchronization of both phase and frequency, and load sharing of more than one power source. It further provides embedded diagnostics of the electrical power system that enables the detection of bus overloads or shorts, thus enabling to better cope with mid air anomalies.


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